What Habits Do You Need to Have Fulfillment In Your Work and Personal Life?
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  • How to define work-life balance
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These tools will help you begin your journey to reduce overhwhelm in your professional and personal life and transform your life into a one filled with joy and happiness
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The 3 Habits of Working Moms Who Have Mastered Work-Life Balance
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Dr. Herbert is a family physician, mother, wife, and coach dedicated to helping working moms achieve work-life balance so that they can prevent burnout and have successful, rewarding careers and meaningful relationships. She has learned that balancing a family and career is possible with the right resources and guidance. Her background sets her apart from other coaches as her personal and professional journey can bring real life experiences to her coaching as she has tackled work-life balance and experienced first-hand the challenges of balancing a career and raising a family. 

About Dr. Herbert

Certified Work-Life Balance Coach
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